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FLINTAB is exclusive
importer in Romania of
FLINTEC Germany products.
The FLINTAB Sweden loadcells innovation reorganised then by FLINTEC Germany is legendary, their design gaining the first place in the world and spectacular patents. Their pioneering force and weighing solutions established an unequaled performance standard.


Technical specification

RC3 is internationally recognized as a benchmark for all high capacity loadcells.
RC3 loadcells are available from 7.5t to 300t range and they are classified GP, C1, C3, C4 and C3 MI 8 according to OIML R 60; NTEP nmax=15000.
Made of stainless steel and hermetically sealed, they are ideal for the most hostile industrial environments. FLINTEC loadcells are designed to satisfy the most strict accuracy requirements.
RC3 is one of the most prestigious loadcell international trademarks and is always in the top of the best loadcells. It's certifications were obtained from all over the world metrological authorities.
The unique design of the loadcell and the mechanical ensemble which transfers the forces through self-aligning ROCKER COLUMN concept leads to an excelent measurement of the load and minimum dimensions of the mounting kit.

FLINTEC calibration technique (mV/V/Ω) eliminates the corner calibration problems in multi-weighing systems, moreover, time-consumer at the metrological verifications.
Optionally, RC3 is available for explosion risks environments 0, 1, 2 (gas) and 20, 21, 22 (dust) according to EEx ia IIC T6..T4 T130°C ATEX.

  • Capacity from 7.5t to 300t
  • Remarkable accuracy
  • Stainless steel design
  • True hermetic sealing
  • IP68, IP69K protection
  • Lightning protection: electronic gas discharge tubes
  • High input resistance: 1100 Ohm
  • Metrological certification for 4000 intervals

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